It is interesting to note that whenever the Serbian state was coming out of liberation wars, occupation and slavery and was on the way of its upswing and renewal, its freedom and the right to choose its own route was taken from it and Serbia was pushed in the abyss. From the Berlin Congress in 1878 up to now the ascent of Serbia has always been accompanied with that kind of decline. The foreign secret services and the governments of colonial imperialistic powers, from the Austro-Hungary, Germany, Great Britain and now USA, never wanted to have free, organized, democratic and prosperous European Serbia. When it suited their massive capital they pushed the Serbian state into wars, after which the victorious, tired, racked Serbia with decimated population was forced to form the common state with the defeated hostile countries. For example, thanks to its protectors, first of all Vatican and Germany, Croatia was never punished for the committed genocide and ethnic cleansing over the Serbian population either in the First or in the Second World War. On the contrary, it was rewarded for its planned crime against the Orthodox Serbs in the civil war that took place in the territory of former Yugoslavia in the nineties of the XX century.


The time of cooperation between the West and Tito’s communist regime, aiming towards the New World Order and the globalisation of Serbia, towards the triumph of the Western financial, military and political oligarchy headed by the totalitarian USA government, represented only the time of respite, of consolidation of allies that lead to
recomposing of states in Europe after the Cold War.

The time of reign of Tito’s communist Yugoslavia is the time when the destiny of the Serbian nation and of the Serbian state was determined, drafted and designed for the Post-Communist period. Such drastic example can be seen in the UN Security Council Resolution number 1244, where some of the provisions are copied from the time of Tito’s communist regime. In the same way in which in 1968 Tito’s communists deleted the word Metohia from the term Kosovo and Metohia, the word minority from the term Albanian national minority, as well as the term Shiptars (other terms used for the Albanian national minority in the south of Serbia, and in Kosovo and Metohia are Shiptars, Arbanas or Arnauts). Only the term Albanians remained so that it might turn out in the future that the Albanians are not a national minority but supposedly a state-building nation in Serbia.

Vatican and the Western oligarchy regard the Serbian Orthodox state as their colony and as the shortest route towards the East. For their purposes they need Serbia with limited democracy, with puppet government, Serbia in which the place of its president is politically insignificant, Serbia divided into provinces with state competences that will be always prepared, when the time comes, to invite the minorities to self-determination and to continue the plucking of Serbia.

Nowadays USA fortifies its base in the occupied south of Serbia, in Kosovo and Metohia, for its possible attack on the Maghreb countries. NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999 was only the striking fist of the neo-colonial powers to return to the Balkans which represents the platform, i.e. a new base for the further progress of the Americans towards Africa. Great Britain was the first to willingly surrender its colonies to USA hands after the Second World War. Today Washington expects France to do the same with its ex-colonies in the north of Africa.


Today in XXI century the road of the Blue Book is continued. This document about the atrocities performed by the Ottomans and Shiptar tribes in Kosovo and Metohia was supposed to serve as the key evidence of the Serbian suffering in front of the International court of justice, just established at that time at the end of XIX century;
however, due to Vienna, the protector of the Ottoman empire and the Western innovators in the Serbia of that period, that document termed the Blue Book never came to daylight. The truth about the atrocities against the Serbs in the oppressed Serbia was in that way hidden from the eyes of the international public. The same takes place today.

The truth about one country can best be reflected in its media, its prosecutor’s office, judiciary, army, and police... in Serbia they testify about its trodden sovereignty.

What about the killed Serbs? Where are the survived victims of NATO bombing? Is that supposed to be democracy? Or have we become the country of captive minds?

Why is the high treason also glorified after the overthrow of Milošević regime? Why and how after the 5th October, instead of the deformed Milošević – Yugoslav Left regime, the so-called democratic Serbia found itself in the clutches of vultures with the Serbian passport, clutches of “tolerant” modernists, “tolerant” Philistine characters, upstarts, avaricious, haughty, selfish, small-minded, corrupted mediocrities and modern “patriots”?

Why and how did we allow that all sort of stutterers, the frustrated and all kinds of spiritual freaks and blackguards serve as landmarks for the Serbian youth?

Does anyone wonder how come those who disdain their own nation and reject the traditional system of values such as Čeda Jovanović, Nataša Kandić, Sonja Biserko, Biljana Vučo, Korać, Čanak, and all sorts of ruined painters, actors, theatre workers, lawyers, scribblers and other apprentices, have occupied the Serbian Parliament; who has turned TV camera on them and keeps the doors of all TV studios open for them twenty four hours a day?

Who is the one who forbids that those who after the 5th October released from the Serbian prisons terrorists, members of the Albanian national minority who belonged to the terrorist KLA, criminals, Shiptar murderers and drug dealers be punished?

Why does the special prosecutor make a caricature of himself and instead of charging USA government for terrorism he prosecutes the Serbian policemen for the murder of Bytyqi brothers, the bloodthirsty terrorists, members of the Albanian national minority who belonged to terrorist KLA and who secretly entered Serbia, only because they
possess the American passport, in order to perform a special task?

Who is the one who allows that those go unpunished who in the middle of Belgrade, like the Women in Black, demand from the participants in the negotiations on the Kosovo status that in the course of this occupied Serbian territory status determination “special attention be paid to the will of the majority of the provincial population and that the European integrations be enabled outside the state-legal boundaries of the Serbian state”?

Who is the one who allows that those who in the middle of Serbia call the Serbs - minority and the Albanian national minority - majority go unpunished? Who prevents that those be punished who support the legalization of the occupation of Serbia?

The answer lies in the trodden sovereignty and voluntary capitulation of the corrupted Serbia. There is no Serbian state; therefore the prosecutor’s office does not perform its duty.

The answer is:

-because we have allowed that all sorts of extremists from the minority parties and all sorts of nongovernmental organizations terrorize both the Serbian state and the majority of the Serbian population. The minority terrorizes the majority,-because things are not called by their real names,-because the Serbian people have turned into cowards, instead of rebellion, the apathy has been cultivated,-because the Serbian people have conceded not to lead but to be lead,-because those who are better, more ethical and more responsible have allowed the immoral and the irresponsible to take their place, accepting that all sorts of good-for-nothing and unreliable people determine what is good for the future of Serbia,-because of the fact that from the material poverty that we encountered in the nineties of the XX century we have drifted into the spiritual poverty,-because we peacefully observe these spiritual freaks that for other people’s money and other people’s interest glorify genocide and celebrate ethnic cleansing of the Serbian people.


What does the world think about us?

The whole Serbia has been transformed into Guantanamo. Kosovo and Metohia became a concentration camp for the Serbs. The Brussels turns its head, in the same manner as it covers up the scandal related to the secret CIA prisons in the middle of Europe.

In the course of last seventeen years I have been publicly asking the question who has the mandate to protect the Serbs! No one answered my question. Belgrade remains silent.

When in 1994 in the course of civil war that took place in the territory of former Yugoslavia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina I spoke with general Rose, the then UNPROFOR Commander, a superstar of SAS unit, on my remark that the protected Muslim zones, such as Srebrenica, were actually centres of heavily armed Muslims, that these zones
actually protected all Muslim offensives into the Serbian territory, general Rose told me: “The international military forces, UNPROFOR, have mandate to protect the Muslims and not to disarm them. Protection of Serbs is not within our mandate”. General Rose said that. When I asked him: “Does NATO have the mandate to protect the Serbs?”, he told me: “No, NATO does not have the mandate to protect the Serbs”. I was persistent: “Well then, who has the mandate to protect the Serbs?” He only briefly answered: “No one has the mandate to project them”.

In 1999, NATO did not have the mandate to protect the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohia; on the contrary. As early as in 1998, Rugova, one of the leaders of the Albanian national minority stated for the German Spiegel: “NATO represents our private army”.

Today the leaders of terrorist KLA, on the wings of NATO and with the support of Washington, rule in this southern province that has turned into El Dorado for terrorists, drug dealers, criminals and ravagers of the Serbian property. That is the reason why the exiled Serbs are not allowed to return to their homes and why the terrorism in Kosovo and Metohia still rages gaining different variations.

The fight against terrorism does not pertain to Serbia. Serbian army does not have the mandate to protect Serbia from the terror. Due to that in December 2006 the American ambassador Mr Polt could state for NIN magazine: “We need to improve the manners of fighting against the global terrorism”. However, when it comes to the Serbian fight against terrorism in the south of Serbia Ambassador Polt has another plan. There lies the answer to the question why the top of the Serbian army is in the rat hole today.

“Serbia, says the American Ambassador Mr Polt, should focus more on the global terrorism than on other issues that represent priority at this moment”. In other words, what the American Ambassador Polt says and recommends is that what is good for Washington needs to be good for Serbia. It turns out that the Albanian terrorism and the terrorist KLA of the Albanian national minority do not really represent terrorism because they serve the interests of the USA imperialistic foreign affairs. Mr Polt cannot conceal his content with the reform of the Serbian army. In December 2006 he stated for NIN magazine the following: “I am satisfied to see General Ponoš appointed as Chief of General Staff, he is heading towards the development of new defence forces for Serbia, forces that will suit the global challenges and not the regional conflicts”.

Hence Serbia has been converted into the American colony. Well, there lies the reason why we still don’t have an answer to the question: who has the mandate to protect the Serbs.

The military top of Serbia doesn’t give any announcements. The Serbian army got its mandate, both historical and eternal, from the Serbian people. However, the Serbian top remains silent. Daniel Fried, the Assistant Secretary of State, in an interview recently given to the influential New York nongovernmental organization, the Association for Foreign Political Affairs, said: “In 1999 Madeleine Albright led NATO, and the NATO allies contributed to the campaign, with the view of expelling from Kosovo the predatory army of ex-president Slobodan Milošević. It is obvious that the safety of Europe plays the important role in the safety of the United States”.

Imagine this American official dares to insult one country, its nation and army and to deprive it of its right to defend its own territory and to protect its own people from terrorism and secessionism of one national minority. It comes out that the Serbian army is plunderous when it confronts the Albanian terrorists trained by the American generals in secret bases in Albania, while for this American politician the Serbian army is not plunderous when it is supposed to act as cannon fodder for their global imperialist campaign.

In 1939 Roosevelt also justified the intervening politics of the American administration for the sake of pro-war lobby relying on the doctrine “The aggression on smaller countries will represent general threat to the American safety”. Parallel to that new strategy Roosevelt’s administration, not respecting the Neutrality Law adopted by the Congress in 1937, enabled the American banks to credit and arm Hitler’s Nazi military industry, at the same time providing arms for England and France.

Beside all threats, blackmails, bombing of Serbia, continuous dishonest requests made on behalf of the Serbian government, Serbia would never have sunk if it had resisted all these actions with adequate politics and appropriate diplomatic activities. However, no national or state strategy exists and the foreign affairs policy of Serbia is disastrous.

That is the reason why Belgrade is silent!

Serbia is not divided, it has always been united and, in its essence, a progressive democratic European country. The problem does not lie in such Serbia, but in Serbia that wants to divide Serbia, in that Serbia that calls itself “the other Serbia” while in fact it is not Serbia at all since it has no native, spiritual or cultural relations with our Serbia and with us the Serbs. They are misfits that spread the wrong picture of Serbia.

They are Philistines who call themselves modernists, who want the other Serbia and who force on Serbia voluntary capitulation as a democratic act on the road towards the European Union.

The truth is that these petty minds will serve for single use of the Americans.


When Truman made public his doctrine of restraint green light was given to the subversion of countries from within. In the same manner in which the CIA established the radio Free Europe during the Cold War in Hungary, today in Serbia operate media, nongovernmental organizations and corrupted intelligence. The only new thing is the new terminology used for the XXI century patriotism. Modern patriots, bearers of that modern patriotism, have eliminated the right to defence. They promote materialism, egoism and hedonism. That actually represents vulgar materialism and voluntary capitulation.

Thanks to those upstarts Serbia has become the place of all sorts of cultural, technological and other waste. Those modern patriots had a task to promote something that the Americans often refer to as political reality, which actually means that the only thing that counts is that forcefully achieved in the field. Historical recollection has been erased, yesterday does not exist, there are no questions, or answers. The force has become the law. The Serbian people have been asked to act as the tolerant idiots.

On the occasion of NATO aggression on Serbia the American Ambassador Polt insulted one more time the Serbian people by saying the following: “USA did not wage war against Serbia... USA, NATO and your European friends together with the Serbian people waged war against the brutal, authoritarian, nationalist regime that was leading
Serbia towards destruction”. (The interview was published in NIN magazine in December 2006)

In other words, Mr Polt says: the Serbs had bombed themselves. With the arrogant world imperialist manner the American Ambassador overstepped the decency border.

It is doubtful in which way would the American Ambassador have reacted if by some chance the journalist from NIN had asked him the intelligent and adequate question. However, that did not happen. However insulting was the Ambassador Polt’s answer the posed question was equally inadmissibly condescending. The same goes for the false comment of the journalist that seven years ago Serbia was waging war together with the USA. That insignificant person, a quasi-journalist, dared to call the NATO aggression on Serbia, headed by the USA, a war. Such journalists, and similar nongovernmental organizations and media lower the influence of Serbia and do not give democracy a chance.

It wouldn’t be fair not to mention here the editor of newspaper Politika, Ljiljana Smajlović - in her column she called the shameful dictated comment of Boško Jakšić, who invited the Serbian government to be the first to approve the separation of Kosovo and Metohia, a democratic act. Such a text against the Serbian Constitution has nothing to do with democracy but with high treason; unfortunately Politika has always been and still remains a regime newspaper capable of changing its logo but not the newspaper policy.

With the help from within the restraint doctrine brought Serbia to the pillory and brim of abyss.

In April 2005, “Deutschland radio” asked Doris Pack, one of the most influential German officials in Brussels: “What is in your view solution for Kosovo - complete independence or status of province?” She answered: “No, that is not possible, Kosovo region cannot return under the auspices of the Serbian government. Therefore, I wonder why we weren’t more active even earlier. It is impossible for us to back out now, either from the political or from the military sphere. Therefore we should have worked on this issue earlier in order to get the Serbs in favour of that”.

The foreigners have found in Serbia citizens willing to support their ideas and their political and military goals in the Balkans. That is the reason why the high treason is not being punished in Serbia. Nowadays it is very profitable to be a spy in Serbia.

It is important to mention some other numerous daily examples of functioning of the restraint strategy and limited democracy in Serbia. At the international assembly dedicated to the fruit growing held in Čačak in 2003, Ivana Dulić, a Croat, in her opening address to foreigners and to the World Bank she immediately recommended herself for the post of the Serbian Minister of Agriculture. Instead of Serbia on the panel was written “Sandžak and Serbia”. Doesn’t Raška district (Sandžak is a Turkish word) belong to Serbia?! Following that assembly, Ivana Dulić became the Serbian Minister of Agriculture in 2004. In Novi Pazar all of a sudden out of darkness the Vehabits as vampires came to the daylight. That was sufficient sign that shocked and horrified the honest Muslims and Serbia. When needed, in the northern Serbian province Vojvodina skinheads appeared, prearranged by someone. Serbia doesn’t resemble itself.

When it comes to the negative reforms beside the Ministry of Agriculture, the World Bank office in Belgrade is especially focused on the Ministry of Education, Army and the Ministry of Justice.


The Hungarian Tende Kovač, deputy of Gašo Knežević, former Minister of Education, was the brain of the Ministry of Education and key link with the World Bank office in Belgrade. It is said that today she has the leading role in the Balkan region and that now she stands as the brain of proclaimed Roma decade. Therefore the fact that the West offers more than twenty billion of euros for the Roma in Serbia (from 2004 the Serbian government, dictated by the West, declared the Roma for national minority in Serbia, followed by change of their name: they are no longer Gipsies but the Roma). In the first place England and Germany plan to use that money to expel all Roma first from their own countries in the Western Europe. Poor and miserable Belgrade cannot even think of publicly proposing to Berlin and London that they keep those billions for themselves in order to improve the quality of Roma life in their respective countries. Doesn’t that planned exile of the Roma from the Western Europe and creation of the
Roma state in the middle of Serbia represent Western discrimination of the Roma! This act has given a sign and green light to nongovernmental organizations in Serbia. In order to gain profit they will start looking for new cases. Without attacks on the Roma their pockets will remain empty. No discrimination in Serbia – no money for nongovernmental organizations! Serbia needs to prepare to enter this decade. However, that can be achieved only by the organized democratic Serbia that will be willing and ready to punish high treason.

The Clinton administration justified its aggression on Serbia with the strategy for fight against human rights violations. The Bush administration calls the aggression on Afghanistan and Iraq spreading of freedom and democracy and fight against terrorism. Maybe it will call the aggression on Iran or Maghreb countries a preventive war.

The invented story of the retired American general William Walker about Račak in Kosovo and Metohia was the incentive for Washington to launch NATO aggression on Serbia.

When it comes to the pressure put on small countries, the Roma decade can offer infectious manipulations for pressure on Serbia. Look at the Vehabits in the Raška district, skinheads and the Hungarian Nazis in Vojvodina, as well as the Nazis in Hungary do not stand still, which is enough to keep us restless. Who can guarantee us that if tomorrow a fight with the Roma occurs it would not be proclaimed human rights violations and minority discrimination.


What does the new modern globalization bring us and in what kind of new world order do we live? Which place occupies a man, nation and state in all that? Can we, as humans, allow ourselves to be defeated by the insensitive and brutal force? Should we allow that our way to some sort of contemporary globalization be paved by wars and that cataclysm becomes the road that humanity should follow?

What Serbia has to offer on its transition road looks frightening. However that should not discourage us in our firm faith to protect our national identity, our national integrity and integral Serbian state. And there ought not to be any compromises. One cannot negotiate with terrorism and secessionism.

Today Europe resembles the Europe from the time of shameful Munich conference in 1938. On 28th September 1938 Roosevelt sent a message to Chamberlain telling him that he was organizing the conference of interested parties that, under the current circumstances, could increase the pressure placed on the Czechs to grant greater concessions to the Nazi Germany.

Today no political responsibility exists, no concern is expressed, the right and justice are laughed at and freedom and democracy mocked. Where the national identities are demolished, democracy is being buried.

Plucking of Serbia has been granted. If one doesn’t put that madness to an end, if the Serbs do not wake up, if Brussels does not use its own voice, Europe will again wash itself in blood as in 1941.


In 1945 Tito’s communists adopted the law that prohibited the Serbs exiled by the German and Shiptar Nazis to return to Kosovo and Metohia. The same took place in 1999 when NATO forces entered the south of Serbia together with the terrorist KLA. At that time the exiled Serbs (more than 250 thousands of them) were not allowed to return to their homes; that ban is still in power.


Let us deal with the prosecutor’s office, the mirror of the Serbian state.

Why doesn’t the Serbian prosecutor’s office initiate criminal proceedings for high treason in Serbia?

Why aren’t those foreigners who promote and finance deterioration and occupation of the Serbian state not expelled from Serbia?

Why are not arrested those citizens who publicly promote capitulation of the Serbian territories to the enemy, who encourage the terrorists in the south of Serbia, who spur terrorism, glorify the Croatian genocide and who are, in the middle of Belgrade, even rewarded by Croatia for their shameful and criminal deeds, who in a war take the side
of the Serbian enemies and openly support secessionism of Kosovo and Metohia, Raška district and Vojvodina, who supported the bombing of Serbia and who publicly insult Serbia as well as the live and dead Serbs, those who take away from the Serbs their right to self-defence, who introduce censorship in media, allow foreigners to control the Serbian media, who infringe the Constitution and openly lead anti-Serbian propaganda and anti-Serbian politics in the middle of Serbia?

Why those citizens who now live in USA and Germany and who in 1999 were instructed to shout and ask the bombing of Serbia, like the lawyer Srđan Popović, the owner of Vreme magazine, are allowed to enter Serbia? Why are they not arrested? Today they can freely walk the streets of Belgrade.

Author: Svetlana Petrušić
(Translated by Tatjana Nedeljkovic)